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SaiMecha nominations

Well, here they are. Completely devoid of obscure hispter robots that make me seem like I know more about what I’m talking about than I do. I’m so mainstream.

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Macross Frontier Episode 4

Miss Macross Holy cow, what a week! I originally wrote a bunch of excuses here, but hands up who wants to read that. I thought so. Recap I fucking called it, bitches! The silliest and most endlessly-repeated ditty in the original Macross’s lineup, “My Boyfriend Is A Pilot,” was Ranka‘s Miss Macross song. I actually […]

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RahXephon (Review)

A plea to all robot-haters I love those giant robots. Can’t get enough. Well, that’s not true. Currently, I’m thinking that by the end of Gundam 00 I’ll have had more than enough. But ever since the original Macross, mech shows have tackled the kind of big stories that satisfy something in me that even […]

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