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Wherein I get snobby about music other than OPs and EDs.

Invasion of the Geeks from Akihabara

You may have noticed a large hole in my internet presence lately (at least, my twitter friends and the good people of #oihayaku may have noticed — it’s not like I’ve been a blogging machine in ’09), but I’ve been rocking out at the South by Southweset music festival. And before that, the interactive conference […]

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Bringing the music back

Sure, I’m an anime fan. But that apparently came as a surprise to some people who knew me, hence the name of my site. One thing that won’t come as a surprise to anyone in “RL”/meatspace/whatever you call this fleshy prison is that I’m a giant music person. I think I have three shelves of […]

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Yes Ali Project probably sucks, but

anitations – tj_han, Ali Project either has Powerful Daddies or Loves to Suck Cock. I won’t go too wild on tj_han’s point that “even non-anime viewers think they are trash,” because I think it’d read better without that “non.” Music probably has to be better than the average anisong for other people to pick up […]

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Shoukichi Kina & Champloose

What a Wonderful Day I hope I didn’t lose all of you to this new column by first off calling everyone a weaboo, and secondly featuring a raucous early hardcore band for my first installment. But I just wanted to show everyone that this is SERIOUS BUSINESS. There are way bigger anime nerds out there, […]

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Distorted Japan Like most anime lovers, I’m gay for Japanese things in general. But me, I’m a huge music nerd above all else. Even above cartoons. Yeah. I love all kinds of music, from Napalm Death to Neil Diamond (for real — irony is a crutch for those too weak to admit they actually like […]

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