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I have a bottle of this at my house

and guess what it looks like to me every time I see it

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Twelve thingies: a Char in a covered wagon

Pretty sure three years is a tradition, but I couldn’t think of 12 great blogging moments for CCY’s ongoing 12 days of Christmas project this year. Fortunately, ghostlightning gave me an out by suggesting I do what he’s doing, with moments in anime instead. Even more fortunately, CCY decided to make his 12 moments this […]

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Better (30 years) late than never

Double Oh Nineteen hundred seventy-nine AD. The One Year War begins. Char Aznable, the Red Comet, meets the Federation’s ultimate weapon, the Gundam, for the first time. And White Base begins its long journey. At least, that’s what happened in the animated world. In the third dimension, something somewhat less earth-shattering happened: I was born. […]

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