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12 Moments in 2011: The Return of Ikuhara

If the licensing of Utena was a big deal for American fans, then how about its long-absent director, Be-Papas main man Kunihiko Ikuhara, coming back to anime to make a new TV series? Well, that’s a big deal to fans the world over, and thankfully the guy brought his whole bag of tricks. Cryptic symbols, […]

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I Am Number One!

…and I go where most of you losers can only fap about.

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Mawaru Penguindrum’s 1st Episode is Untouchable Brilliance

  I won’t say anything else because it feels like trying to explain how I feel about this show at this point, is useless and will read like high-brow elitist posturing. Yes, it has all those things going for it. I’ve seen better-executed melodrama and comedy concerning life, death, fate, family in the first half […]

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