12 Days, day eight. This bear.


I wrote briefly about it before, but how can you deny a moment like that. A lighthearted ribbing of Penguin’s drunken antics turns into a sort of melancholy moment where Sloth misses out due to his speed, which in turn becomes a heartwarming slice of Polar Bear. It’s a great distillation of what makes the show great.

Fuck these (3) Comments.

  1. And Grizzly constantly waking up from hibernation while being tsundere about it! 😀

  2. -chii- says:

    dat bear INDEED!

  3. Author says:

    The other part of it is how the various facets of the show makes it work for people who prefer Sayoko’s demure acceptance of the madhouse. Of course if would not work nearly as well if the rest – such as the aforementioned – wasn’t merited. Nichijou had a problem like that: the brilliance worked rarely and the rest was often quite bad. Here I can even take Masaki the roaster in stride, dull as he is.