12 days, day five. Girl Cartoons.

dem cures

I’d tried to watch Futari wa Pretty Cure a couple times, as it’s on Crunchyroll, and never got very far. I’m not the type to watch spinoffs or sequels first, after being burned by Gundam Wing, SEED, and 00, but at the prodding of a few people I started Heartcatch Precure. And that’s all she wrote. It’s a fantastic show, and though it relies on some pretty tried-and-true building blocks of magical girl series, it executes incredibly well and managed to make me feel heartwarmingly like the target demographic. Now I’m back to Futari Wa and I’ll gladly attach myself to the new one when it starts.

Futari Wa Pretty Cure is an interesting entry — though it doesn’t look too good for its day, and the mascots are mostly infuriating, it has a lot going for it. There’s a visceral appeal of the fight scenes, which are really just punch-and-throw-fests. And there’s the interesting subtext of the Cures being trapped in their unstoppable fate, worn out and unable to live their normal girl lives doing whatever it is girls do around that age, which in the Pretty Cure world is somehow not “horrifically abuse your peers.”

Give it a shot. If you need a starting point, I’d recommend Heartcatch, it worked for me. Watch out for the pooping fairies.

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  1. Shinmaru says:

    Going back and watching some of these other Pretty Cure anime after enjoying Heartcatch so much is just one more thing on the anime pile. One question: Do the mascots also poop in original Pretty Cure?! This is very important.

  2. krizzlybear says:

    There really was so much going for Futari wa Pretty Cure when it first came out. It did not know what it was getting into, considering it was Toei’s first foray into the franchise, and having to do something remotely original without stepping on the toes of Sailor Moon, which it produced back in the 90’s. It was originally meant to run only for half a year, but by then the show had seen such great success, so it kept going. And they eventually found out that they could just keep going with Max Heart.

    And it kept making them money, so Splash Star happened, and suddenly Precure was a thing that they could just simply do each year. I really hope I can continue to document the franchise’s history, but I’m glad that you enjoyed the show, at least for what it was-popo.