12 Days, day four. Eureka appears, and briefly we care.


Not much to say about Eureka Seven AO, it was a mess that ham-fistedly tried to accomplish the heartfelt interactions and complicated worldbuilding that the original did so well. But the appearance of Eureka herself, regardless of how obvious and nostalgia-reliant it was, worked. And for a moment, I thought it was gonna come back. But of course, I was blinded by the secondhand emotional manipulation just like everyone else.

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  1. omo says:

    Not sure if it means anything, but I stopped watching E7Ao the episode after Eureka appeared. I don’t know, it wasn’t that I didn’t like the show but I couldn’t find time for it during the summer, and just couldn’t pick it back up (although now is the time…).

    In some sense, you can say that having Eureka show up is the best worst thing, because it was well foreshadowed and there’s really no way for the show to top it afterwards.

  2. -chii- says:

    I looked forward to Renton showing up, not Eureka šŸ˜›

  3. YotaruVegeta says:

    When I watched the final 2 eps yesterday, I felt myself thinkin “what did I feel about this series?” I don’t hate it, but I think that the points where I was most excited all had to do with Eureka and Renton, and their kid. I think what this show did best is make me want to know about the adventures of Eureka and Renton as a couple.

    Papa Renton is pretty cool. His outfilt looks like, I don’t know, a mixture of the military from the original series, and some sort of doctor/engineer.

    I really want a Eureka 7 Pt 2.

    • Shinmaru says:

      Renton’s outfit and look made me think of Star Driver the whole time. They should have got Mamoru Miyano to voice him to complete the package. (Though I did think it was kind of cool how they got Keiji Fujiwara, who played Holland in the original, to voice him.)

      • YotaruVegeta says:

        Maybe you also thought Star Driver because his hair is two-toned? :)

        It’s definitely not as “ginga bishounen” as that, but it is reminiscent of that.

        I didn’t know that about the voices. I primarily watched the dub. That’s a nice touch, and it will be interesting who they cast as adult Renton.

  4. ryett says:

    Moments away from dropping the show, they just had to parade Eureka out to fool me into caring about the show till the end. Well that and Supercar Mark II.