See you, space cowboy

Well, there you have it. A guy we all probably know, who has a byline here and who gave me a byline at his own site, has shuttered said site.

I’ll be the first to admit to not participating in it much lately — I can’t handle sites whose comment sections are that filled. I’m always afraid of repeating someone or not being able to keep up with the ridiculous amounts of conversation. But it’s always been good to know it was there. Ghostlightning brought a fanboy’s enthusiasm to the robot writing world, and it was infectious. He says I influenced his writing; I think that probably goes both ways.

So, thanks for that, ghostlightning. And thanks for the opportunity to write some good posts for your absurdly large and comment-prone audience. It was fun to write with you on Oi Hayaku, fun to write with you here, and at We Remember Love. I hope to do it some more. I’ll see you around the internet either way, and like someone said to me when I retired… catch the Welcome Home sign in 12,000 years.

Fuck these (2) Comments.

  1. Fuck that guy. Fuck Macross. Fuck Gundam. GO MAEDA JUN FOREVER!

  2. foshizzel says:

    Ghost is awesome! That is all <3