Join me for Anime Talkins tonight

I should have probably promoted this sooner, but I am pretty wary of requesting people to hear the sound of my voice. I don’t have the benefits of 2DT’s dulcet tones or ghostlightning’s rampant enthusiasm. But I have a slot on Joe Animated’s (of We Remember Love) Ustream talk show tonight. It starts at 11PM EST, or 20 minutes for those of you checking the clock. Here’s the link.

Sadly, it’s an audio program so I won’t be dancing topless on Joe’s desk like Drew Barrymore on Letterman, but I have my doubts that that would do anything but repel viewership.

Fuck these (2) Comments.

  1. The echo makes it unbearable sorry :c

  2. otou-san says:

    I believe he’s solved that. Give him another shot tonight!