SaiMecha nominations

I recognize that I’m not the monstrous robot nerd that some of the people in this competition are, but that just keeps me from nominating obscure hipster robots that no one else will nominate and have no chance of getting in the thing. So here we go, troll away you assholes:

TypeB303 Devilfish

I can hear the taunts about surfing now, dudes, and yeah it’s named after a $400 bass synthesizer but it’s pretty obvious that I have to nominate a machine so badass that you have to shoot yourself full of drugs just to keep yourself from blacking out like Kawamori in a fighter jet. It can surf Trapars in the atmosphere or boost seamlessly into motherfucking space.

Viggers/Centinental HWR–00 Monster Mk II Heavy Weight Robot

This fucking thing. It was an antique when its old crew manned it to blast Protodeviln. It’s a mechanical marvel to the dedication of humanity, a brute-force machine that relies very little on the alien overtechnology that powers the Macross and the Valkyries, instead relying on missile launchers and massive cannons with a 160km range. Looks best with a picture of Minmay taped inside the Soviet-esque cockpit.


Come at me, ghostlightning. You can’t stop this fucking thing. Any robot this ugly better be powerful, nay, unbeatable, but it fits the bill. If Unit 01 can win, why not the OG of “technology we don’t understand and will kill us all?”

Shinsei VF–19 Excalibur Custom with Guitar Control

Listen to my song! I was worried I’d be the only one nominating this, but at least one other person has. Heavy weaponry be damned, it’s pretty hard to go up against the power of music… the Power To The Dream.

Shinsei VF–11B Thunderbolt

Bucking the trend of space- or atmosphere-only variable fighters that was going on at the time, the VF–11 could do both just like the original Valkyrie. Its more than 20-year run of active service far outstrips the original VF–1A, and nearly every great pilot post-Space War flew one, including Isamu Dyson (though he’s probably better known for flying the YF–19) and Millia Jenius. A workhorse like this isn’t going to catch the eye of most nominators, but hey if I have to vote for the VF–1 instead then I’ll glady do it.


While he’s more often put to work roleplaying as a video game character or washing dishes, Canti can repel any transdimensional invaders as necessary, even if said invaders are mostly just metaphors for oncoming puberty. Name a shape he can’t transform into. Maybe he’s not the most powerful robot in the world, but I’d like to see Unit 01 do your laundry.


Listen to its song! Unit 01 couldn’t carry a tune in a paper bag.


I doubt anyone will be surprised to say “Welcome Back” to this machine this year (grooooooan). Whatever your robot is, it doesn’t look this cool with its arms crossed.


Everything about it is amazing, including anything you can say about it. “Uranus can fire beams.” “Uranus generates a powerful shield.” Do you feel like an 8-year-old giggling in health class? Good, because I will pummel you with… Uranus. As long as the Incident at Bashtarle isn’t being recreated for some reason, its Shizuma Drive power will keep it going well after your gas, nuclear, or (lol Unit 01) reserve non-umbilical power source is long dead. And if for some reason things look bad — maybe it’s fighting Gunbuster? It’s the only acceptable scenario — I just detach the head and it’s peace, bitches!

Not appearing

  • The Big Zam narrowly missed a spot because… you know why.
  • Guilty Crown’s Endlaves almost made it for great skating action, but as Schneider pointed out a long time ago, remote controlling robots but still having a dangerous, painful, and potentially deadly brain link to them is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • Char.

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Fuck these (8) Comments.

  1. animekritik says:

    Ohh, pretty good list, actually.

  2. Ryan A says:

    Canti is moe.

  3. 1. Sexy
    5. When the VF-25 is mass produced…
    6. way to fuck the list up champ
    7. going to the shitter…
    8. now we’re back
    9. Giant Robo sure fucked Uranus
    10. … what the fuck happened to 10?

    The list went to the shitter anyway.

  4. Matt Wells says:

    1. Good but Holland only used it like, three times in the actual series. And what was up with the compac feed system on his old KLF? He only used it once and then it was never heard from again.

    2. … I can’t believe I’m not the only person in the world who loves this thing. I went for the Frontier version because I thought it’d get more votes and it isn’t useless in pitched variable fighter battles. Kind of sucks when you’re limited to only taking part in Daedelus Attacks and long range artillery support.

    3. ANYTHING YOU CAN DO SHIN GETTER DOES BETTER. Except afros and infantacide.

    4. The only YF-19 derivative that was ever worth a damn. And most of that is Basara and the Hot Rod-Red paint job.

    5. Meh. Old work horses may have their charm but they all end up in the glue factory irrespective of their years of loyal service.

    6. No comment.

    7. Bbu-buu-but Raideen turns into a bird!!! THAT MAKES IT BETTER

    8. Anyone reading this is automaticly doing THE POSE.

    9. I am one of the few people in the world who agrees with you on this. Haniwa Kingdom-era burial dolls turned giant floating robots are GODLY. But the gold standard for all Yokohama evil robots remains BLack Ox, which I (naturally) voted for.

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  6. Anya says:


    A bunch of robots I never saw or heard of, except the Macross ones and Gunbuster. Ack you just reminded me I still didn’t build by VF-11 model kit yet.

  7. foshizzel says:

    CANTI! Best robot <3

    LOL @ the Ideon man that is a hot color scheme yo! and the shoulders? Amaaazing!

    Posting my list soon xD