Inherent Flaws in Anime-Related Perception vis-à-vis 3-D Normative Standards and Criticisms: Colonizing Fictions, Consumption of Superflat Narratives, Teleological Retcon of Postmodernist Dialogue

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“Deep:” a vague notion in any forum, but far worse in the hands of an anime blogger. Whether it’s the highbrow type, wielding his mastery of symbolism, or the anti-intellectual everyman on the hunt for pantyshots, most have their own ideas about what’s deep, and all of them are idiots.

Well, those people aside, there is an underlying current of thought among some fans today, and that is the idea that certain series are immune to judgment on certain levels. What’s perplexing is the inconsistency of it all. Shows directed by the same person are given different treatment based on the audience’s preconceived notions of taste. Granted, this is perhaps unavoidable, as all works of art are contextual; and if these biases cannot be neutralized, perhaps it’s best to embrace them, and attempt to better delineate how they affect our views of the works we consume.

“Deepness”, then, is only an abstract concept connotated as being good, vaguely informed by an ethos-based sense of the highbrow. It is an exclusivist moniker intended to guilt people for enjoying simpler entertainment; entertainment that perhaps engage emotions or “pander” to physical responses. Other times, it may be in distinction of works produced for profit only; that is to say, pretty much every work there is. While a so-called auteur such as Ikuhara or Kenji Nakamura may enjoy a bit of freedom within the medium, even they must ultimately pledge fealty to the very concept that allows for what detractors may call with a mocking tone a “deeper” reading of anime.

Structured literary analysis has as its foundation criticism. In other words, fans complain about anime all the time, and by doing so implicitly subscribe to the idea of what one may call a tyranny of “good”, suppressing truly fresh ideas which may conflict with the whims of the existing old guard of taste. Indeed, this critical lens being the dominant one has a clear chilling effect on the artistic and critical landscape at large. Works which cling to an existing standard of what is vaguely conceived as “high-brow”, then, are celebrated for their apparent rejection of the profit motive, especially at the “cost” of offending polite (essentially Victorian) sensitivities.

Suffice to say, the cult of “deep” is merely a modern expression of anti-populist, aristocratic attitude of hierarchical, class-based appraisal of cultural products.

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  1. VucubCaquix says:

    The scariest part is, this actually resembles sense! Next time J159 should participate, I’m sure his section would stick out like a bow-legged hitchhiker.

    • Jesus159159159 says:

      Next time J159 should participate


      I think I’m only good for captions, and it’d probably go a little something like this:

      “Ayo I’m just filing mah waiverrrrss *ERA-ERA* Just filing mah WAIVERRRRRRSS *ERA-ERA*”…

      Hey… c’mon… It’s been a long time! I’m… I’m just a bit rusty!

      bow-legged hitchhiker

      It’s called “DEEP DEEP KOKORO” swagger~ (*´ω`*)

  2. drmchsr0 says:

    Better yet, speak in something everyone understands.

  3. lela says:

    I don’t agree with this non-canon waver image.

  4. SeHNNG says:

    Title as long as the post? No problem.

  5. bluemist says:

    I am not a “deep” person when it comes to consuming anime, so screw all you elitist socialist racist master anime watching race. It is somewhat reflected in my writing. My anime reviews are light, big-picture pieces which point to enjoyment rankings. When I enjoy it, an anime bears my levels of recommendation. Deepness is not part of that equation.

    In other words, I didn’t understand your blog post.

  6. digibro says:

    This is some deep shit.

  7. Mushyrulez says:

    now do it sentence by sentence

  8. ajthefourth says:

    *golf claps*

    Well done, gentlemen.

  9. Ryan A says:

    I was expecting “anime blogger a.k.a. elitest anime fan.” But I get this argument, though I have a completely difference perception.

    only an abstract concept connotated as being good

    I think there’s an issue in semantically relating deep and good. I just don’t think it holds very well to logic (or maybe that was the point). Also, contrary to ethos: I feel an audience can become very lost in the depth of pathos even when presented fairly shallow. Of course I do not have examples, but I could argue that such depth is perceived when fiction shows it’s story, an area where anime suffers greatly by relying on telling far too often. Showing creates depth in the vastness of implication an audience may not fully render. Essentially this is melody among noise and beauty in minimalism… I suggest we all return to Ozu’s hitokomakura for reflection.

  10. omo says:

    We have always been walking on coal tar of the deepers.

  11. krizzlybear says:

    The best part is the html address for this post.

  12. ToastCrust says:

    The amazing thing is that almost every paragraph has at least 3 people’s words in it.

  13. Balloon_Thief says:

    If you read this to a robot it would probably start smoking. Now I’m wondering what would happen if we, as a species, managed to build robot philosophers. I’m going to stop my imagination before it runs too wild.

    You guys should do this again but next time the topic should be voted on beforehand.

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  16. TheBigN says:

    Thank you. ;_;

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