Play by Play: Madoka Ep 1

I’m trying a bit of a different post format, wherein I watch an episode and pause periodically to jot down my thoughts on events so far. I know, super innovating. Anyway, I’m going to assume this commentary will be best appreciated during a rewatching of the episode, so at the least, I may be increasing the replay value of the show, right?

00:00 – 03:00

So we’ve got a couple of seconds where Mystery Girl is running through some Alice in Wonderland-esque checkered room. So far, I could care less. However, she passes through a  high security vault door and all hell is breaking lose in what seems to be a situation involving one lone girl vs. the world? Alright. Next: Cue the OST from the first few episodes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and now I’m getting pumped (I love the Tsubasa OST). Now Mystery Girl is talking to a rabbit that talks without moving it’s mouth? Or is it psychic? Who knows. Talk of magical powers, blah blah blah, girl wakes up and here comes the OP…

So far, so good.

03:00 – 06:00

What I got from the OP: dogs, cats, and afros. I approve. Aside from the OP, I’ve determined that anime children deserve to be beaten. As a side note, I’m really liking the color palette of the show.

This is why people drown their kids.

06:00 – 09:00

The mom is a tomato catching ninja. Why do all the characters have such abnormally wide faces…will they use them to block magical attacks later on? The family tells time using a Fisher Price clock mounted on the wall. Blue haired chick is a lesbian. Also, the walk to school must be part of a quest chain because I swear they’re playing RPG music in the background.

Approximately three feet of solid steel.

09:00 – 12:00

Uh…what? Everyone goes to class in a greenhouse? Look teacher, no one cares about your eggs! A new transfer student!? I never would’ve guessed. So…in this world you clap after someone bows. Also, why does “Can you take me to the nurse’s office?” sound a lot like “I will murder you in your sleep.”?

No one. Cares.


That looked like algebra, haven’t done that in ages…

Because, fuck math.

Suddenly, everyone has to go to the restroom.


You know your conversation is boring when someone would rather go to tea ceremony practice instead of listening to you talk about your weird dreams. Ask yourself this question: if you heard voices in your head, would you really follow them? Especially if they lead into a dark, creepy, under-construction subway/basement looking area? Or would you go home and maybe try to get some sleep?

Becuase you are boring the shit out of me.


I’m getting some strong Digimon undertones during this animal rescue scene. Thanks to some backup from the Lesbian Support Squad and a conveniently timed acid trip, Madoka manages to escape with the rabbit, only to quickly be confronted by friendly looking cotton balls with mustaches (that I personally feel should be making pizzas). Oh wait, they’re actually wielding scissors and have faces so batshit insane that the Joker would probably turn and walk away when he saw them? Well, shit.


21:00 – 24:00

A girl with a glowing egg shows up to save the day, and destroys the enemies using a montage of flower dancing, the “Morphing Time” sequence from Power Rangers, and the modern day, small anime girl equivalent of Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack. The rabbit wants to grant Madoka and Lesbian a wish and make them into “magical girls” or something. My guess is that they’re “magically” going to slave over a hot stove and do laundry for the remainder of the show.

It's omelet time!

The Highlights

Well, I’m intrigued enough at this point to at least continue watching another few episodes to see what happens. I will admit that I’m not seeing the level of awesome I’ve been hearing about so far. But, I learned my lesson about giving an anime a few episodes before judgement when I dropped Haruhi after episode one (which I still insist is a horrid episode). So, I’ll press on for now and hope that the show will live up to the expectations my peers have built up for me.

Let me know how you liked the post style. If it was a horrible idea, then I would love to not waste my time on it in the future, but if it was at least moderately entertaining I will probably keep it up. Thanks ahead of time for the feedback.

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  1. wendeego says:

    Madoka Magica doesn’t really kick into gear until a specific moment in episode three. You’ll know it when you get to it.

    Keep in mind, though, that the lens that you bring to the show really affects how much you appreciate it. As a character-driven drama Madoka Magica is ultimately pretty weak, but as a tragic play or a world-building psychological experiment it’s brilliant. Combine that with the music and visuals and you have arguably one of the best titles of the past few years (although it’s been frequently criticized in certain circles for reasons that range from knee-jerk to spot-on.)

  2. digiboy says:

    The thing about this post style is that it’s funny and fun, but doesn’t offer much to those of us who’ve finished the show—at least not besides some mild entertainment that comes from snickering and saying “lolol wait till he sees how wrong he is about THAT!” (Sayaka isn’t a lesbian, for example.)

    It’s very difficult to tell someone whether they’ll like Madoka or not, and how much. Most likely, you’ll be one of those whose opinion in the end is “well, it was a good show, but I don’t think it’s as good as all the hype would lead one to believe.” A lot of people end up seeing it this way precisely because the show is a lot bigger than its target audience, so it gets harder to tell before watching whether the show is “for you” or not (the KyoAni conundrum, I call it).

    Yes, Madoka gets really interesting after a point in episode three, but the people who go on and on about this show and how awesome it is are the ones who liked it right from episode one. The others are just a part of the phenomenon.

    In the case of this post, I love the first episode of Haruhi, and I wrote some rant about why it’s awesome a long time ago that I’m sure is complete shit so I won’t drag it out here. But Madoka is certainly a lot more consistent across episodes than Haruhi is.

    • otou-san says:

      A lot of people end up seeing it this way

      I would like to see evidence if you’re going to use the ol’ fox news trick to support your own opinion. Frankly I don’t care what anyone else says, or whatever supposed “hype” happened — and by the way, “hype” is an artificially created interest, whereas a lot of what we saw with Madoka was definitely genuine, playing out as it happened.

      Yes, Madoka gets really interesting after a point in episode three, but the people who go on and on about this show and how awesome it is are the ones who liked it right from episode one.

      There you go again. And this time you told me what I thought 😉

      … you know what, I’m not willing to spoil Majimak to have this conversation so let’s table this until a few episodes later.

  3. chii says:

    I rather enjoyed your posting style. Made me feel like I was re-watching the show again with someone. Loving your thoughts on the “rabbit” really makes me laugh XD

  4. otou-san says:

    Madoka Magica doesn’t really kick into gear until a specific moment in episode three. You’ll know it when you get to it.

    wendeego’s right about that.

    I think the post style is fun, it lets us kinda relive the moments and compare them to how we felt about it, not to mention I can already imagine certain moments throughout the series and wonder how they will play out in your head.

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