So sue me

I’m… I’m pretty excited.

Fuck these (21) Comments.

  1. omo says:

    Probably the first season of anime on tee vee ever that I am more excited about continuations over “new” works (and that is counting fate zero as “continuation”)

    • otou-san says:

      I dunno the two noitaminA shows look enticing this time around, but you might be right. So does Gundam AGE count as continuation or new?

      • omo says:

        noitaminA shows are always enticing to a degree for me, but I was never really a sold-out fan just for that fact. I’m more boners for anime-original titles, and noitaminA is slowly opening up to more of those. Especially this year.

        Gundam AGE is another AC Gundam right? So it’s “new” in my book. I’m not a fujoshi so…

    • otou-san says:

      True confessions time, I never saw the first one. Maybe it’s about time.

      • Author says:

        Only if you can tolerate GONZO endings. It’s as if the writer never thought 2 episodes ahead, rolled along fine, and then OH NOES I MUST CONCOCT THIS PREDETERMINED EVENT, BUT HOW? THERE’S NO FOUNDATION! And he knew it had to happen from the start, I mean I knew it after ep.3. This is so rage.

        In simple words, did you like Druaga ending? If yes, this is anime for you!

        • otou-san says:

          I never understood the Gonzo Ending Hate Phenomenon, frankly I think a large percentage of TV anime end poorly/unsatisfyingly regardless of source material, director, scriptwriter, adapting studio, etc.

          Druaga was sort of a non-ending if I recall, but I don’t recall too well at all (which I guess sort off answers your question, doesn’t it?).

          • Author says:

            It does, thanks. Based on the above I think you should be fine with LE.

          • JoeQ says:

            I don’t think LE’s ending was that bad, to be honest. Not actually good, but perfectly acceptable and it tied up things decently enough. There are even a few scenes that I’m quite fond of (dat choke). I can think of plenty of worse ones, even if you discout non-endings.

  2. digital boy says:

    otou-chan, every day, I remember there’s a big Shana posted on my ceiling, and I keep thinking “please take that thing down or move it at least” but it’s there, on my ceiling, for some godawful reason, it’s Shana and that other girl in swimsuits looking delicious, even though I *hate* that other girl, and I haven’t even watched all of season 2, and I refuse to rewatch season 1, this is all maddening.

    Fuck it, if you blog this, I’ll watch it.

  3. otakufiend says:

    Shit, I didn’t even know there was a second one! I’m just watching the first now…

  4. Ubiquitial says:

    The Jungle cat has been declawed. The wild hawk has been tamed. They turned my Trenchcoat katana loli into a docile little housewife. You want me to sit through another season of grief and regret?

    On a separate note, what’s the plot gonna be? I mean, 2nd season was basically it’s own thing, so are they gonna draw from the novel or just coming up with more generic crap?

    • otou-san says:

      so harsh… although it’s tough to deny.

      I have no idea to what degree it’ll follow the books this time out, all I know is that it’s consistently referred to as “Shakugan no Shana III (Final)” so they’d better damn well tie it up somewhat nicely instead of continuing with the ridiculous non-plot of II.

      • Myssa Rei says:

        The rumblings have it that while the initial intent was a straight adaptation of the last few novels of the franchise (with Yuuji pretty much saying ‘The World must be remade for Shana!’ and merging with the Snake of the Festival), with the recent release STILL not showing any kind of end in sight JC Staff might have to do another original ending.