Late to the party, liking the villains from Tiger and Bunny cour 1

Kriem was love at first sight, and I thought “oh, it’s a Harley Quinn expy,” which became a ridiculously accurate statement when Jake proved to be the Joker. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Kotetsu catches him with his most Batman-like tool (of the few tools he uses, being a powered hero). The interactions between Jake and Kriem (actually, all the scenes with Kriem) were a lot of fun, but were sadly few in number, what with the plot chugging along at a good pace (not at all complaining). My favorite thing about them, though, was their voices, played by Fujiwara Keiji in one of his most deliciously insane roles and Neya Michiko sounding hot—but more importantly being the voice of Talho to Fujiwara’s Holland in Eureka Seven.

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