See I can still do this shit

Panty and Stocking

Panty and Stocking by 九韻寺51号

I don’t need your stupid Tumblr. Up next, picture of a girl with glasses in a sweater, a cute kitten, and a lovely scene with some poorly-kerned Helvetica text over it that looks like it came from a motivational poster for 12-year-old poets.

Fuck these (4) Comments.

  1. CC says:

    ツンデレ (人´∀`)

  2. Owen S says:

    12-year-old poets are serious business when they’re actually 21, female, and probably destined to be ~*~forever single~*~ like their 4chan counterparts. Yay emotional hipsters!

  3. Korasoff says:

    Wait, you watch Star Driver? You’re dead to me. :(