A challenger appears! And steals your drawers!

Ah, springtime. When youth gets all crazy and hormonal and foists its most “ecchi” visions into your unwitting eyes holes like some kind of televisual skullfucking.

Except it’s fall, and anime is made by dirty old men. Case in point, Sora No Otoshimono, which is (choose one):

  • One of the many high caliber titles available this season from Crunchyroll’s online stream, along with season 67 of Shugo Chara
  • Standard wish-fulfillment anime crossed with a standard comedic anime
  • Obsessed with panties
  • Something something cancer

If you answered “uuuuuuugh,” you’re right!

I know I said I wasn’t watching anything new this season, but I thought I’d give this a shot for no really good reason. Sora No Otoshimono is, in all likelihood, a steaming pile of crap, an underpants-obsessed shounen comedy romp with the typical 9-year-old’s giggle-giggle view on sex. And it will likely turn into a harem.

But then again, perhaps it’s a deep meditation on the nature of desire, the effects of indulging your basest fantasies, and the dangerous consequences of getting what you wished for — you know, like The Monkey’s Paw with drawers.

I suppose the only way to objectively discover which of these is true is to lay out the good and bad.

otoshimono montage of fail

Sora No Otoshimono: The Cons (also known as: the cliches and tropes used)

  1. A pervert no-good Tenchi of a lead character
  2. An obsession with breasts
  3. A girl falling from the sky who warrants her own sub-list
    1. An alien
    2. An angel
    3. A robot
    4. who grants wishes
    5. on a leash
  4. Oh-so-tsundere Karate chops from a cute childhood friend who takes good care of good-for-nothing lead (see #1)
  5. Naked and/or “on top of” misunderstandings (I never would have imagined she’d walk into the room right then)
  6. “[character name] no baka”
  7. Wacky extras
  8. “Kiddy” panties with animal mascot, worn by lead girl (This one’s for you, Akamatsu-sensei!)
  9. Sweet moments of wonderful cuteness after an episode-long debacle, re-ruined by baka character just as things get lovely

The pros

Called attacks. These were all magical crotch coverups as lead character (whose name was… hmmmm it’ll come to me) tried to save the modesty of lead girl (ah, shit, her name was…), whose modesty he had of course compromised himself. I’m not going to say we’ve never seen a comedy that parodies the dirt-old concept of the called out attack, but maybe this one just hasn’t gotten quite old enough to me yet.


Flying panties. Let’s reiterate. Flying. Panties. I mean, seriously, majestically flapping their way across the landscape, migrating in formation, being observed by the masses, briefly lighting on a tree before moving on, shining in the sun. The idea is stupid, as is the whole panty-obsessed episode 2, but the execution of this one idea is colossal. Perhaps it’s even enough to justify the existence of the whole series. Doubtful.

Use of the best phrase in the world. Whether this is a subtitling coup or an actual line of dialog, it matters little.

certainly seems appropriate enough

The verdict

Obviously the balance is not in favor of Sorta Not Entirely Unwatchable, but as its name implies, it’s not entirely unwatchable. It’s certainly less awful than To Love-Ru‘s anime adaptation so far, and it brought a few laughs that weren’t just boneheaded physical comedy, tit-groping, or cheap references. Not many, but a man dying in the desert doesn’t scoff at tap water.

I mentioned my viewing to ghostlightning and he seemed to think that watching, or at least starting, a truly awful show just for the sake of doing so was actually an SOS tradition. Do I? Really? Do that?

Does anyone else ever do this to themselves, or is masochism a unique character flaw? And more importantly…

Fuck these (9) Comments.

  1. Aha! The fourth post in a series. You should have a separate category for this now so these posts are easily searchable. After all, their significance and cultural value are beyond argument.

  2. kadian1364 says:

    Flying panties.

    I just catch it on youtube whenever I feel like. Don’t need all that 20-odd minutes of lead-in to ruin my fun.

    It’s strange that with so much stupid anime available online, the last couple of things I saw that were truly awful I actually paid to see, e.g. Mamma Mia, Gamer, Dragonball Evolution. lol Hollywood. Somehow always worse than I remember.

    • otou-san says:

      I suppose it does add a little something to see the origin of the flying panties, but it’s really pretty funny on its own and I don’t blame you for missing the rest.

  3. OGT says:

    The funny thing about these sorts of series is that they never (or very rarely) produce doujin.

    This seems counter-intuitive but I’m sure it’s because even Japan thinks they’re terrible.

    • otou-san says:

      The funny thing about these sorts of series is that they never (or very rarely) produce doujin.

      My guess is that they’re usually cheaply animated, poorly designed, and even more poorly written from anything but a lulz perspective. Thus you don’t end up with a lot of compelling characters.

      The appeal of doujins comes from getting into sexful situations with your favorite characters, right? So, without the appealing characters the doujins become more “generic pornographic comics.” I mean, the main girl here is basically cute enough but lacking in personality so it doesn’t matter to a doujin reader if it’s her or any other large-breasted cute girl. Just a theory.

      • OGT says:

        Pretty much, although I think it entirely defeats the purpose. I don’t think many of these series are terribly successful despite the marketing campaigns, which in turn is kind of why the JP industry is slumping–it’s not too many bishoujo series, it’s too many of the wrong kind of bishoujo series.

  4. Ruby says:

    I seriously couldn’t stand watching this show, I dropped it half way through ep 2 xD