What’s Kadokawa planning?

Forgive me for speculation based on mostly ignorance, I’ve been a bit out of touch lately. But it seems to me, while barely reading any blogs lately, that an interesting subject I don’t see many people talking about, probably thanks to the shadow of Kadokawa’s vicious real life trolling and fan provocation. That’s the fact that they’re streaming online. Surely in this, the Year of the Stream, it’s not going unnoticed?


What if, amidst all the baiting and switching, R1 is actually their potential target? Author seems to think the numbers tell a disheartening story for that theory, but that’s not really a surprise. The sales of the first Haruhi series over here were nothing like the fansub-watching internet fandom naively imagined they would be. That doesn’t mean we’re not a potential market, even if we’re more likely to buy something like Black Lagoon. Besides, Kadokawa have become in/famous for milking the golden goose, or something like that. And you would too if you were responsible for H2O.

Anyway, it makes me wonder if they’re planning to stream the next (fictional?) Haruhi series on the internet, with Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san as a litmus test. [Edit: I realize this scenario only works if a real S2 broadcasts, since streaming the rerun would get confuzzled with Bandai owning the R1 license to the first season] In a beautiful, lovely, perfect and probably completely fictional world, we’ll get the second series over here zero-day.

That is, if it exists.

[More edit: Author weighs in again, and while he stops short of calling it a no-brainer, he mentions that “Chairman Kadokawa has gone on record with his international inclinations.” Interesting times ahead, no doubt. Great to see different types experimentation from different companies on both sides of the Pacific.]

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  1. Omisyth says:

    By now, I think we all realise that Haruhi S2 will come about when we’re all dead and buried. And have become ashes.

    Interesting prospect, though I was more surprised that they had subbed versions (OFFICIAL and all) out alongside the Japanese versions. Shows that Kadokawa do care enough to troll both their primary audience and the rest of the world.

  2. I’ll get to publishing the interview at some point, but here’s something interesting and relevant:

    Kadokawa/Kyoto Animation produced a big dud in Japan, then through massive popularity on youtube in America first, Japan caught on and it became a mega-hit over there.

    The anime: Lucky Star

    This is from my interview with TOEI Philippines’ Soya Satoshi Sachou. Targeting America via youtube is a very inexpensive gambit to stir the Japanese market up.

  3. otou-san says:


    By now, I think we all realise that Haruhi S2 will come about when we’re all dead and buried. And have become ashes.

    I worry for them that S2 will come about around the time no one gives half a shit anymore.

    Thanks for the sound bite. I didn’t really know that it went down like that. Sorta like punk rock and America: we didn’t buy a lot of punk records until it went to England, where the Clash and the Sex Pistols facilitated its popularity and sold it back to us. Not quite a parallel, but close enough.

    It’s definitely a solid thought at a time when neither the Japanese economy nor the anime producers are doing particularly well. But the side effect of getting the R1 market interested in real-time is still a useful one, especially if somewhere deep in the Kadokawa Kave they have any plans to pull a Bandai and start selling their own stuff over here.

  4. Schyler says:

    This blog still looks dead sexy. Pretty sure I hate you man.

    I has your RSS in my phone though…

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