Thoughts on the Sword of Uruk

Well, it was a rough start for Crunchyroll with their legal HD streams. I almost demanded my money back, but at some point things just started to work. I’m not sure why Druaga doesn’t show in 720p (480p is not HD), but it does look decent. So what about the show?


Tower of Druaga is a great case for managing expectations: People who watched the Aegis of Uruk were met with a breezy, tongue-in-cheek series with a surprisingly heavy ending. It subverted everyone’s expectations, and yet didn’t go so far beyond them that the going would be too difficult for its sequel. But I’d hate to use a phrase like “calculated mediocrity” for a series I enjoyed as much as Druaga, especially since it was one of Gonzo’s best in a while.

So far, Sword has done a decent job of balancing the darker and more desperate mood of Aegis‘s final two episodes with the goofiness that gave that series most of its charm.

fancy dance of ishtar

As far as execution, it matches its predecessor well. Author may have put it best, and most lulzworthily, when he said that Gonzo “skirt the border of unacceptable as tightly as possible.” He also called the style innovative, which I think is probably taking it a bit far. I’d call Gurren Lagann innovative, so much so that you could easily forget amidst all the pencil scenes and unmoving frames that corners were being cut every chance. Druaga’s over-simplified art seems like it’s always reminding me of its cheapness. Fortunately, it’s not too unappealing, even if characters can get a little samey.


At any rate, Sword has been fun so far and I’m not worried about it maintaining. Also, Fatina is cute.

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  1. Omisyth says:

    Why some have a problem with simplistic character designs I’ll never know.

  2. otou-san says:

    In this case I think I can see it. If it weren’t for their hair and outfits, a lot of these characters would really look alike. It’s rarely a problem, though, so I’m not too worried.