Clannad sucks, part 2

Electric Boogaloo!

OK, I get it. You can’t write a short little tossed-off post about how you don’t like some sacred-cow anime series and toss in a questionably humorous infographic. You’ll just get trolled, then accused of trolling, and what’s more, zaitcev won’t even link to you (update: seriously? Now he does? What does that do to my point?).

So here’s a more thought-out post, because I wanted to talk about how Clannad sucks/does not suck, not how much I am/am not a troll, which is frankly retarded. First off, an assumption: I don’t necessarily believe in this supposed Kyoto Hype Machine, and I won’t cite it as an argument. Not because I think it’s mythical or overstated, like “liberal media,” but because I have faith in the ability of people to form their own opinions. That’s probably my first mistake, but oh wells.

I’m also not going to take an ultra-stubborn stance on this, either — I’ve watched 30-some episodes of this series, and if every last thing about it sucked, what would that say about me? Don’t answer that.

Now, time to make an honest woman out of this topic. Hopefully reasonable discourse will keep Owen the trolls out of here.

The Characters

A commenter, tai, who seemed to actually want to talk about it, cited “character” as the driving force behind Clannad, specifically “being able to understand how they feel in the circumstances provided.” Now, they say the secret to writing good fiction is developing good characters and then placing them in a situation, where they act for themselves because they’re real enough. With visual novels, I would assume that good characters are important for a quality product because the narrative itself is mutable and characters need to believably fit into multiple situations. When I say “good characters,” though, sadly what passes are “serviceable characters,” and too often in anime that means resorting to archetypes.

I’m not feeling any of the supposed character traits of Clannad‘s cast, beyond those archetypical attributes (with a few exceptions, mostly in the Furukawa clan). Let’s not get caught up in Kyoto’s execution: realistic body language and uncompromising animation tend to instill even the cartooniest of characters with faux-realism that makes up for their shortcomings as well-rounded, well-written characters.

The Family Element

One of everyone’s favorite things about Clannad seemed to be its focus on family. But I can’t quite get what it is about family that it’s trying to say. I feel like I’m watching Clannad waffling between two points: One is that family is very important, and that we shouldn’t lose or take for granted those bonds of blood. The other is that family can be whatever you want it to be, and the important people around you, about whom you care, are in effect your family members. Which of these is what matters? In the end, it all seems pretty vague.

I’m not asking for one of Takashi Miike’s deranged dissertations on the nature of a family unit, or even Judd Apatow’s lame whitebread confirmation of family values, I just want folks to give this a real evaluation before they vaguely cite “family themes” as a great strength of Clannad.

Doing too much, yet not quite doing enough.

Clannad‘s scope is admirable. While on one hand it focuses on a fairly close group of people, that’s a lot of characters to explore if you go into any depth. It’s nothing like delving into the backstory of some Imperial planet’s viscount’s daughter for an entire episode in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but then again, what is.

The scope in each of Kyoto’s adaptations has grown immensely both in cast and episode count. In fact, Clannad is the longest series in Kyoto Animation’s history, if I’m not mistaken (excepting their work on InuYasha). Air was compact and efficient in delivering a sucker-punch of emotion that was old hat by the time Kanon came around, so Clannad aimed to work things a little differently.

But step one was a stumble, with Fuko’s arc taking up way too many episodes (and plenty of people agree with me there). What that says to me is from the get-go, Kyoto were struggling to effectively fill up all 50 episodes. The beginning of After Story has proven that again, but instead of a recycled Kanon story, we’ve been so far treated to a wash of meaningless ho-hum stuff that lacks any emotional impact or the humor (both intentional and otherwise) of season one’s best moments. There were a couple laughs in that boring baseball episode, but what do you remember after watching — that you chuckled a couple times or that you just watched a boring-ass baseball episode?


This is the real story behind my realism argument. Did anyone really think I demand 100% regular-old believability from my anime? If so, I’ll go quit now and go watch some show about giant robots, space pirates, or guys who make peoples’ heads implode by punching. I briefly mentioned that I think Clannad is guilty of representing, or talking about, the situations in which its characters find themselves, rather than showing them for real. This might have been a mistake on my part — not because it’s not true, though. It might be a mistake because on a purely objective level, I could be judging with a double standard. After all, what anime doesn’t resort to symbolism, archetyping, and short-cutting to some degree?

But it does irritate me for some reason in Clannad, subjectively. I feel like every story, every character, every situation is encased in a thick fuzzy-bunny layer that I would have to tear through in order to get to the real essence. Are we meant to perceive this as dreamlike or memorial, since inevitable tragedy will strike somewhere down the road and shit’s gonna get “real?” Or is the Key world just one of gauzy soft-focus fantasy that happens to resemble the real one? We already know that supernatural events can happen, but somehow that doesn’t even bother me. It’s the lack of feeling like anything matters, since they’re all essentially good people for whom real strife just plain doesn’t exist — though it’s hard to nail this down to a “why,” it doesn’t feel as if any person can actually affect another. And with that supposedly being the series’ main thrust, what’s left for me?


In service to Clannad, I’ll say two things: It’s always well-animated (except for brief drops in the final bits of season one), and it’s refreshingly low on pathos compared to its predecessors. Air probably worked on me because it was my first; with Kanon I sort of let it work even though I was watching it work. Now with Clannad, I’m just plain cynical, but we have been mostly rewarded (past the Fuko arc) with more humor than weepy-weeps. That isn’t likely to last, though.

Sure, visual novel adaptations aren’t really my preferred genre. It’s no surprise that the series that try to look less like VN adaptations are more my cup of tea. Kyoto Animation has made that their M.O. since Air, or at least it’s seemed like that. But for some unfortunate reason, the more they attempt to downplay the harem/VN style, the more it’s called to my attention.

And… I’m spent.

Anyway. Obviously plenty of people take issue with my opinion, some even take offense. What I want to hear is people convincing me I’m wrong, not telling me i’m an asshole. Step up! I believe in you.

Update: Misplaced belief FTL! Here’s a news flash: I’m not important. I’m not worth talking about. I just wanted to talk about Clannad. Before anyone else unoriginally says they agree with Baka-Raptor, read my response to him.

Fuck these (49) Comments.

  1. lolikitsune says:

    Don’t have anything meaningful to add, as I told you. But I wanted to say this in a public space, too, that this is a good post. I approve. *thumbs up*

  2. shirokiryuu says:

    Although I’ve never seen Clannad, it’s nice to see arguments that aren’t all flames.

    Also, I’m not sure if Inuyasha would count since they only produced it.

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    What the hell is this? Your last post got the point across just fine. Don’t kowtow to the idiots who can’t tell the difference between opinion and trolling.

    Let’s do a podcast. Us against them. We’ll teach them the true meaning of rape.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    After about 10 tries, I finally succeeding in forcing myself to finish this post. I hate it. Absolutely hate it.

    This post is cowardly, sugarcoated bullshit. Exactly what is “thought-out” or “reasonable” about it? The fact that you’re trying to explain your opinion through tedious categorical abstractions instead of speaking your mind? Quoting your previous post:

    It’s almost as if Clannad is just representing everything that happens, rather than simply showing it to us.

    It’s almost as if you’re just representing why you think Clannad sucks, rather than simply showing it to us. You’ve become Clannad.

    Your previous post was perfectly thought-out and reasonable. You stated your opinion that Clannad sucks. You pointed out things that sucked. It made sense. It was honest. It was entertaining. I couldn’t ask for anything more. That’s what you should be writing, not this apologetic crap.

    My boy, I just smacked you up.

  5. Jamal says:

    Stop Hatin’

  6. kadian1364 says:

    As much as I am a fan of analytical, dissecting discussions about certain qualities of popular animes, I have to agree with the Dinosaur about the lameness of what pretty much amounts to an apology post because a bunch of people disagreed with your first one. You already said everything you needed to say, stick to your guns. Sometimes you just gotta trust your gut reaction.

  7. FlameStrike says:

    Hm well you can’t please everyone. You have many good reasons for not enjoying Clannad I guess. Most of them seem to stem from opinion’s and perceptions that can’t be changed through facts/arguing, like EX: “I can’t get a feel for the characters”. If you can’t feel for them while others can then that’s too bad for you. The people who CAN feel for the character’s can’t really change your mind either XD. I’m glad you stated your opinion in a non-hostile or provoking way (No Clannad sux, this is FACT lulz). What I dislike is NOT people stating their opinions, but prancing around saying xx sucks because of either false blatantly wrong reasons, or acting as if their opinions are teh ownage of da world.

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  9. Owen S says:

    lol @ comment #3, I think Baka-Raptor ceased to have any sort of boundary between opinion and trolling the day he started parrotting Maddox. Ironing is delicious. Anyway.

    I do agree with Baka-Raptor, however, that this post is meaningless bullshit (as opposed to your previous post’s meaningful bullshit). Both are bullshit, but to quote a memetic phrase, “This shit sucks, faggot!”. At least the last post was trollable, this one has just lost its head in the airy-fairy clouds of Jeff Lawson-esque opinion, only more severely diluted.

    I feel like every story, every character, every situation is encased in a thick fuzzy-bunny layer that I would have to tear through in order to get to the real essence.

    The paragraph in which this sentence is in needs more elaboration, in my opinion. Otherwise you’re just tarring the whole of Clannad with the same brush, which, as you said, was not the case.

    but we have been mostly rewarded (past the Fuko arc) with more humor than weepy-weeps.

    Unless you’re a masochist who says “rewarded” and means “punished”.

    In other words, you do “get Clannad”, but you’re also emitting unbelievably vast quantities of suck in the process of trying to tell us why you think it fails. You’re lazy and expect everyone to read your mind, which is not working, and which results in you coming off as an amateur troll. Please try again, I hope you actually achieve something with part 3.

  10. usagijen says:

    Disclaimer: This is a self-indulgent comment.

    I actually feel jealous that your Clannad hate post attracted the trolls when my ItaKiss rage post didn’t. And that either means (1) people agree with the points raised, or (2) people just didn’t want to bother arguing with me. Like you, I was also looking forward to being corrected, to be enlightened with what I was really missing out on. But no one managed to convince me otherwise, not until I did a bit of introspection.

    Have to agree with Baka-Raptor that this post turned out rather half-baked, though. After all the insights and opinions (and flames?) from people have been laid out, whether or not you want to stop hating a series and be enlightened is your choice. Don’t please the trolls, don’t post something like this, not when you still remain unconvinced for the most part. Take pride in your opinion! Who cares if you’re not linked by Author-tan T__T

  11. Omisyth says:

    What’s everybody trolling/complaining about? ‘Tis a more understandable post than it’s predecessor. Hat’s off, my good man.

  12. otou-san says:

    @FlameStrike (on topic, wow)

    It’s not about “feeling” the characters, or anything that I feel is too awfully subjective — I don’t have the feel that they are well-developed characters at all. Part of that may be down to that scope issue again; even the really important characters like Nagisa have suffered in real, character-developing screen time due to the huge cast.

    @Baka-Raptor, et al

    If this was your blog I’d just censor you for being off-topic. But here goes a sound bite of conversation I had with Baka-Raptor:

    otou-san: I can’t win can I?
    Baka-Raptor: Nope
    Baka-Raptor: Either owen thinks you’re a troll, or I think you’re a wuss

    I had an inkling you’d say leave a comment like this after your previous one on the other post. I’ll address it, despite the obvious point that if someone who idolizes Maddox thinks I’m a pussy that leaves me in the company of… just about everyone.

    1. I don’t think it’s a wuss move to expound on my opinions, it’s not as if I’m going back and changing them. All the unoriginal comments that follow after yours seem to assume that I did that, point to me where that happens?

    2. If left the choice of being a troll or a wuss, I’ll take wuss, pussy, pacifist, sissy, candy-ass, hippie, (ok let’s be real, not a big fan of hippie, I shower semi-regularly) anything but the implication that I’m like some kind of Owen, running around satisfying my own backward anger by showing people on the internet how much angrier I am than they are.

    You’re right in the Baka-Raptor view of the world, so thanks for the manly-punching or whatever, but no thanks for inspiring a bunch of yes-men to read your comment instead of the post.


    Since you actually pretended to read the post, I’ll pretend to read the parts of your comment that are about it.

    In the case of that fuzzy-bunny quote, I’m totally fine with painting the whole of Clannad with that brush — I think it just took some time watching the series for my opinion to degenerate to where that actually seriously irritates me.

    As for “rewarded” vs. “punished,” I certainly used to think it was a reward, but the humor was probably the last enjoyable thing to die off for me. At the beginning of the series I just didn’t want to see another Kanon, and (excepting Fuko to a degree) I was pleased for at least a little while that the show seemed to want to be something else. I don’t want another mindless bawl-fest, even if a lot of people seem to. It just wore thin, and after I crossed the threshold of hating it, hindsight was that it’d been going that direction for a while.

    You’re lazy and expect everyone to read your mind

    I can’t be an idiot for explaining myself and be an idiot for asking people to read my mind at the same time. More likely I’m an idiot for even addressing you.


    You seem to imply that I don’t take pride in my opinion, or that I want links from Author (no one really wants them, they just piss you off usually), or worst of all, that I somehow went back on my opinion. I just expounded on it. Too bad it’s derailed and people don’t want to talk about the point. They just want to talk about me, or the post itself. Even you.

    And your Itazura post? You’re jealous of me when you had that kind of discussion going? You can’t be serious. Does anyone really want trolling except other trolls?

  13. Baka-Raptor says:

    @Owen: You are gay.

    (See? That’s trolling. Seal the envelope.)

  14. Martin says:

    Hmm, this is a well-written post but it’s pretty unnecessary. You made your point clear enough the first time (although I appreciate you elaborating on it), as semi-serious as it was. If you’re trying to reason with trolls though, you really are wasting your time I’m afraid. Getting Zeitcev to ignore you is undoubtedly a good thing in the long run mind, much like finding a way to stop pigeons crapping on your car after you’ve just washed it.

    The criticisms here are pretty familiar to me but since I’m still enjoying the show (more or less) perhaps it’s because Clannad reminds you too much of Kanon or Air? This is my first foray into Key adaptations (and will probably be the last TBH) so I’ve not really had the “meh, seen it all before…” feeling that you appear to be having. It’s a minor point but my comment for the last post should have read ‘It’s watchable escapism and nothing MORE for me.’ My bad.

  15. choujin1 says:

    Wow. You certainly stirred up the hornet’s nest, didn’t you?

    I have NEVER seen this kind of reaction to someone’s opinion before, and don’t forget, I used to hang around comic book forums. How dare you, sir. How dare you have an opinion outside the herd.

  16. otou-san says:


    Getting Zeitcev to ignore you is undoubtedly a good thing in the long run, much like finding a way to stop pigeons crapping on your car after you’ve just washed it.

    And I couldn’t even do that right orz.

    Honestly, if it’s an overdose of moe dotted with wildly histrionic drama and filled with pathos through the whole thing, go watch Air and Kanon too. Clannad has a lot less of that (so far), so it starts off inoffensive. But I think what I’m getting at ultimately is that that’s the big overarching “thing” about these series — with it, I roll my eyes, and without it I’m just bored. Not my genre I guess.


    you never dissented against Kyoto before. Oh wait, I said I wouldn’t go there.

  17. choujin1 says:

    I can’t really dissent against Kyoto since all I’ve seen is 1 episode of Air. :p

  18. tai says:

    Great to see you thinking about this in a more critical and analytical sense. As much of a Clannad fanboy as I am, there’s no point in me forcing anyone to enjoy something they don’t, and that’s because there are some shows that I know lots of other people love that I don’t. (e.g.: I found Space Cowboy quite dull at times. Not my genre, I guess.)

    Re the characters: as archetypical as archetypes are, they do provide the opportunity for interesting and unusual moments, e.g. Kyou “helping” her sister with Tomoya. The breaking point (the tennis match, and my hacked blog image) doesn’t rely on the archetypes directly, the appeal to me is “oshit this is exactly what between me and _______.” The archetypes are there to create some more varied interaction as well as reduce the predictability (although the same archetype combinations are being used over and over so this is losing effect. If KyoAni does another VN adaptation they’re really going to have to reconsider character personalities.)

    Re the family: It is vague, and I think that’s because the message is that it doesn’t matter if it’s a blood family or a self-assembled one. The important thing is that somewhere there’s a family you can go home to.

    Re the too much and not enough: I agree with you here, I’m honestly getting really impatient with all the supporting character arcs and want to get the focus back on kyou the main cast. Fuuko’s arc was long, but I have the feeling she’ll be playing a big part later on in After Story. (No i have not played the game or watched the movie or read the manga.)

    Well, I really disliked your first post, but it seems you’ve redeemed yourself. Maybe I’ll try this one day to boost my comments and readership ;D

  19. usagijen says:

    Is it just me or did you take my comment seriously? More than half of that was pure lulz, and supposed to be a pat on the back more than anything TT___TT

    Sorry if that offended you, but I was by no means saying that you don’t take pride in your opinion or that you want to be linked by Author-tan. That should be interpreted more like “Who gives a damn about trolls and Author-tan?!”

    I do admire your open-mindedness and willingness to be enlightened on this, and I do hope you’ll find that amidst all the flaming and trolling. Again, I’ll reiterate, whether you’ll end up being convinced to see Clannad in a better light (or otherwise), that’s totally up to you. It’s your choice and people should respect that too.

    Anyways, I should’ve known in the first place that I won’t be able to contribute anything to this discussion because I have NO opinion about Clannad! So yeah, I’m outta here =___=;

  20. otou-san says:




    If KyoAni does another VN adaptation they’re really going to have to reconsider character personalities

    Couldn’t agree more. It’s possible they’ll still pull this one together if they really shape up and get some focus back, although damn it’s unlikely in my mind. As far as the tennis match goes, it’s a situational thing that probably could have worked with any kind of characters. I really couldn’t keep a straight face during it. It was half good: okazaki and nagisa were fine, but the blue-hairs bawling their gelatinous tears were too much for me. Cynical or something I guess, but I found it silly.

    Fair enough re: the family. I suppose I want something a little more in-depth, but I can understand for some people you don’t need a big message from what amounts to (as Martin said) basic escapism.

    Re: Too much, not enough — it’s the one point where I’ve been able to get some big fans to agree with me. Some for different reasons, but a lack of focus can really hurt. I’d always rather see a great series end before I was ready than see an ok series draw out forever. It’s like how the Beatles broke up quickly, but the Stones went on forever to be old and suck.


    Sorry about my vitriol, I came off a lot worse than I meant to in your case. Was on edge I guess. But seriously, don’t be jealous of the response to the previous post. I’m much more thoroughly enjoying the conversation here. And I’m way more jealous of your Itazura post’s response, even if I wasn’t part of it. Sadly, I never quite finished the series…

    And… No opinion? Does that mean you don’t watch, or it has no effect on you? Frankly, I’d be much more curious to see the gender split on opinions of Key adaptations than fluffy shoujo lovecoms.

  21. tai says:

    Well, it was much more serious than “Airhead Mamiko Noto, Ass Beater, Weaksauce Main Girl, Tsundere and her sister” (I LOLed when I read that). Unless you were being serious there, and for the LOL here. Which is a huge misunderstanding if true. So let’s just leave it ambiguously unsolved.

    But this was kind of fun, having a semi-serious discussion amongst trolls. It’s like a tsund forget it. Over and out.

  22. choujin1 says:

    Okay, 1 episode of Air, and 4 of Haruhi. :)

  23. usagijen says:

    Unfortunately (or not), I was pouring my heart and soul to KimiKiss and True Tears when the first season of Clannad aired so I never got to watch it, and I’m not quite putting any efforts into catching up, despite how I told myself that I’m gonna check it out.

    Looking into gender biases is something I really really want to look into, especially in harem animes like this (more than fluffy shoujos too). Sadly, I haven’t seen any harem animes worth doing that kind of analysis on after True Tears and KimiKiss (other than Clannad, which requires me to watch the first season), otherwise I’d be doing more of this, a more refined and thought-out version.

    I’d have to admit, your negative opinion on Clannad has piqued my interest this series more, considering how most of the comments I’ve seen sing nothing else but praises about it (it must be the inner ‘troll’ in me) XD

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  25. Chris says:

    I do agree with several of your points about Clannad/~After Story~ especially the one about having to fill 50 plus episodes. I think that they could have completed the entire ~After Story~ in 13 episodes if they would have just concentrated on just the Nagisa/Tomoya/dreamworld storyline.

    Also, you mentioned the idea of the value of real/blood family and gathered family and how the writers waffle between the two. But I see no problem with this, as I’ve gotten older and family members have moved away for better jobs and so forth, I’ve found that close friends become like family so I see no problem in their waffling.

    But, I really think that your judging Clannad by too high of a standard. When I watch the first few episodes of a new harem anime 95% of them make me feel like vomiting, the male leads are as sorry as the fans that they are targeted towards (why would any girl want the wimpy, weak, wishy washy, virgin guy male lead), and the females in the harem are no better, it’s so predictable the types of girls that will chase after the lead; the moe blob, the little sister type, the brainy girl, the bitch, the loli type, the sporty girl, and of course the girl he’s meant to be with.

    What makes Clannad different is that Tomoya’s not a bad guy and Would make an OK BF for any of the girls, and all the girls while having their little problems are well defined personalities and would make OK girlfriends.

    But, my gripe is that all the girls surrounding Tomoya are nice and have good qualities, so the idea of them not being able to get a BF after Tomoya chooses Nagisa is just plain silly.

    Overall, I think that when you judge Clannad your judging it too harshly and you need to compare it to the majority of the garbage harem anime that are currently showing. When you “strip away” most of the stupid fan service that fills these types of anime there’s nothing there.

  26. OGT says:

    I’m going to be completely useless in the discussion here and point out that this seems strangely appropriate.

  27. OGT says:

    (as an aside, I still haven’t watched Clannad past episode 11, which is where Strato and a.f.k. vanished off the face of the Internet, and have subsequently been far too lazy to catch up to the current season.

    I do want to mention, though, that Fuuko is awesome and I am ridiculously, perhaps even ludicrously, proud of my FUUKO SANJOU! shirt that I never wear.

    also: don’t watch what you don’t like, and what you don’t like isn’t necessarily disliked by everyone. I learn this the hard way.)

  28. otou-san says:

    I’m going to be completely useless in the discussion here and point out that this seems strangely appropriate.

    No it isn’t.


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  31. Edward says:

    Your comments on characters being too shallow are entirely retarded and fallacious: you hate the tsundere Kyou but not the tsundere Nagi? Somehow the 2D characters of Kannagi can work for you, but CLANNAD cannot? Mind explaining?

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  34. alex says:

    I agree with everything you said here. The story doesn’t focus on the characters, but the situations that the characters are put through. And I just find that boring and contrite.

    Clannad IS a masterpiece. There’s really no argument there. But even though Clannad has a great story, I find it’s characters to be rather lacking. I’d rather watch a romance that’s shallow in plot and doesn’t take itself seriously, so long as it has great characters… like ‘Toradora!’ or ‘Welcome to the NHK.’ I want characters that are fun, have depth, and are interesting over characters that are blank, stereotypical, ‘good girls’ (like nagisa). The entertainment value is just so much higher.

    I don’t watch anime for an overload of unrealistic drama, of which Clannad is chock full. If I wanted that, I’d watch a soap opera.

    Basically, my point is, if you’re looking for a moving dramatic story, go with Clannad. If you’re looking for an entertaining, enjoyable romance, avoid it.

  35. SHITHEAD says:

    I’m not really a shithead.

    That being said, does it really matter whether the value of the family is vague? Perhaps it’s trying to tell both the things you mentioned, there is certainly no rule that objects it.
    In other words, there is no ambiguity, but simply many reasons. What’s more persuasive: one reason or a multiple? Perhaps it’s more refreshing for viewers that family values wasn’t delivered with a generic single theme, but through both pain (losing someone you love) and love (gratefulness for your relatives). It’s sort of a paradox, they’re contrasting, but fit well together.

    If you want more, go play the visual novel. I also found characters such as Ryou, Kyou, Tomoya to not have as a substantial development compared to the main characters. I think if you really wanted them to develop, Tomoya would’ve had to cheat on Nagisa. Such as, in the game, each arc is played separately, so it’s not like the harem-themed anime. The anime grouped all these girls up, probably because they wanted to avoid another “300 hour guide” (google it if you don’t get the reference).

    You were really general on the “archetypal characters,” could you expand upon that? Like which characters you thought were too conventional and boring.

    If you found the anime to be boring, then you probably don’t like books either. Have patience. Almost every anime has filler(s)…

    The problems the characters face are reemphasized again and again throughout the story, at least for the important characters anyway, so what’s your complaint on representation? Did you want the anime to show Tomoya’s fight with his dad or something? Did you want the anime to focus a lot on the characters’ past? In what aspect were their problems not represented fully? I mean, I didn’t have any problems…
    The reason for why you didn’t like this anime was because you weren’t able to connect to the characters, and as the story progressed, it seemed progressively more shitty for you. I’m presuming you didn’t get so attached to the characters because of your problem with the show’s reality. However, that in essence, meant that you weren’t focused on the characters and story, but instead too focused on how realistic you’d have it like to be. It’s not about the graphics, it’s about gameplay (It’s a crappy analogy, I know). I think the “reality” of their problems is determined by how much you can relate to the characters. Obviously, you couldn’t… (at least that’s what I’m presuming.)

    THE END and please respond?

    • otou-san says:

      If you found the anime to be boring, then you probably don’t like books either. Have patience.

      fucking flawless. Glad I never ran into you on the university debate team or whatever.

  36. sdfjdois says:

    lol alex is dumb. why are you saying it’s a masterpiece? it’s not.

  37. Shirl Gehl says:

    Thx for information.

  38. Lauren says:

    This blog is nothing but a load of trash. Honestly, you have no valid reasons at all to back up why you hated Clannad. Instead you just like to make useless, pointless rants about it. This anime is very very good and it deserves it’s place on the ANN list. Got a problem with that?? Don’t watch it anymore. You lot are pathetic.

  39. Lauren says:

    Seriously do yoursself a favour and get rid of this blog. You make me sick to the stomach.

  40. Lauren says:

    Okay, I reread the whole blog and I completely misunderstood. Apparently I saw another post just like this one only it was pretty nasty and I replied to that one. So ignore my first two comments. But Clannad does not suck. At all. I’m just tired of the bashing, I mean it’s not shoved in the media all the time so why hate on it so much??

  41. Genius says:

    CLANNAD SUCKS, Nuff said

  42. HowlsMoon says:

    You Clannad haters are fucking idiots. You have nothing to back up your arguments on, you attack the fans and force your opinion on them, when are you going to give up and just let people like what they want?? And stop acting like it’s the worst anime out there because it isn’t. I can name a million more animes that are 100x more overrated and worse than Clannad.

  43. J. C. says:

    I don’t get the hype. In my 10+ years of watching anime, Clannad has got to be one of the most bizarrely overrated series of all time. Everywhere I look people are singing praises, and I’m left scratching my head — across all points too.

    The art is no better than a typical anime of this genre.

    The characters are very cliche and archetypical: you got the tsundere girl, the shy/stuttering girl that can’t communicate a single idea, the silent antisocial girl, the motherly class-rep, the mature imouto, the sidekick that gets his ass kicked. Every character besides the main character and Nagisa could have been lifted out of any generic moe/harem anime. But don’t get me wrong, it’s Nagisa and the main character (Tomoya) that are most annoying: the weak-willed, dependent, insecure, and “pure” girl that acts like a 12 year old (probably every moe nerd’s wet dream); and the non-committing, cynical, busybody that feigns disinterest, yet really wants to help everyone out because he’s a “nice guy”, a Kyon ripoff. The trouble is, in the real world, we have a word for this guy, and it’s not “bad ass delinquent”, it’s “loser”. These nice guys finish last, not because women are bitches, but because Tomoya-types are manipulative jackasses that take no responsibility for their own actions. And this series could have been a very bland, mediocre, harem romance if only they left the characters as the generic molds that they are, but instead they are strung along the most contrived scenarios, and respond with actions, thoughts, and motivations that could not have ever afflicted any high school student in the real world.

    The only saving grace this anime has for it are the mildly amusing comedic relief scenes scattered throughout it. As a tear-jearking drama romance, it deserves less than nothing. If someone could cry — and not laugh — when they see a briefcase getting passed around the world by foot and camels, then they must also think soap operas are cinematic masterpieces. In the end, Clannad succeeds only in that it’s got more cheese than Wisconsin.