Soul Eater Episode 3

Death the Kid (End of the Prologue)

Soul Eater continues to be the highest concentrated dose of fun playing on television on either side of the Pacific right now, and I’m taking it with much joy and enthusiasm and all that jazz. I officially stopped worrying about Monday night’s — The best subbing seems to come out after the late show, and on the off chance one of these episodes turns out to actually be different in its “uncut” form, I’ll be all the better off.


The final character exposition concerns Death The Kid, who’s not an official weapon wielder student, but gets to do what he wants because he’s the spoiled spawn of Shinigami-sama himself. Rather than a single weapon, he’s working with a pair: two shiny pistols whose human forms are two cowboy-hat-wearing sisters, Patty and Liz.

You may laugh at Monk, but the reality of OCD is horrifying, right down to the inability to appreciate breasts.

Kid has it all: a powerful dad, leet skillz, two cute weapons, and… OCD. He claims that bilateral symmetry is the only truly pleasing aesthetic, but really he’s cripplingly compulsive to the point of leaving Patty and Liz on their own in a dark pyramid full of crazy mummies because he thinks the painting in his living room might be slightly crooked. Even they aren’t immune to his wrath: one is shorter, their hairstyles are different, and even their breasts don’t match.

Liz PUNCHU - her own version of Shinigami Choppu

Kid almost can’t even beat the symmetrical and dreaded Pharaoh who ate the target witch, until finally he exits the sarcophagus to reveal that he’s missing one eye. The lack of symmetry is too much for Kid, who blasts him to hell.

when your guns cock themselves, potential for silly gangsta grips becomes huge

Unfortunately, in the process the pyramid is destroyed, and as punishment, big poppa Shinigami confiscates the big pile of mummy souls they obtained.

Meanwhile Soul Eater and Blackstar roam around the school trying to discover who took the Pharaoh assignment. When they find out it’s Shinigami-sama’s son, and that he’s not even a student, needless to say their asses get a little chapped.

And now…

The real deal apparently begins. We have three pairs of Weapons and Weapon Technicians, all at a count of zero souls and all with varying types and degrees of inadequacy and idiocy. A lot of people have said that Death The Kid was their favorite character yet. I’m not certain about that. But he is pretty fun, in spite of being voiced by this season’s #2 most overused voice actor (and using a voice that resembles the season’s #1 most overused voice actor). And Patty is hilariously ditzy.

Do they really need the Kid at all?

Soul Eater in general continues to be fast-paced, goofy fun.

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