Barakamon is FUNNY

Nevermind “mai daughteru” longing, fujoshi fun, or the legendary critic punch-out. Artistic introspection, likable characters, and a nice feel are just icing on the fact that Barakamon is really, really funny. It nails fish-out-of-water, broad slapstick, timing, character interactions–basically, everything it goes for, it nails. I won’t say every joke works, but every episode works on the whole. All the elements feed into one-another naturally, but at its core, the fact that it’s so funny gives it the boundless likability it exudes at all times. Idk if Dad’s got time to watch it, but I bet he’d enjoy it.

Barakamon - 03 - Large 02

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So this is shoujo manga…

Sabagebu! (さばげぶっ!?, lit. Survival Game Club!) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hidekichi Matsumoto. The series, which follows a group of high school girls and their daily lives in a survival game club, began serialization in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine from December 2010.


I see.


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Back to the fridge with you


Don’t get used to seeing this face.

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The Lovers’ Journey: Sword Art Online was the best anime love story of 2012 (Was: Despite his Chuunibyou, Reki Kawahara Still Wants To Fall In Love!)


At least two minutes of blogging flowed endlessly into this post.

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A Hot Pot of details in Hyouka’s school festival episodes

Chitanda Jams

Music trivia from your favorite meddlin’ kids.

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12 Days, day twelve. Shit gets real.

hello everynyan

The biggest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life happened this year, and so it’s been a little tough to think about anime when cataloging moments.

The birth of your first child is not so much a single moment as a huge series of them; with fear, joy, disbelief, temporary insanity, extreme fatigue, and any number of other emotions and mental states filling them up. But let’s just call it one moment for the sake of brevity, a quality of my blog upon which I pride myself. Happy holiday of your choice, everyone, and may the new year bring you much cartoon fun.

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